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PUD Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating property (hereinafter - the regional utility company) is the object of joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, settlements, cities area.

Regional utility company was established under the decision of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council number 1188-27/2014 from 03.02.2014 year and operates under the Charter.

The founder is the regional utility company, Ivano- Frankivsk regional council (hereinafter - Founder).

Authorized Agency regional utility company is a supervisory board (hereinafter - the authorized management body).

Name in Ukrainian:

  • total: Public utilities Ivano- Frankivsk Regional Council OPERATING PROPERTY;

Regional utility company set up to ensure proper maintenance and operation of real estate joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, settlements, Cities area (building, structure, rooms).

According to the target subject of regional utility company are:

- maintenance of the functions on the balance of real estate joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, settlements, Cities area;

- contracts for the provision of public services;

- the economic activities in accordance with applicable law;

- monitoring of real estate;

- their technical review, organizing and conducting routine reviews, training facilities into operation in the autumn- winter and spring and summer;

- The organization works to improve, reconstruction, construction, repairs (capital and current) real estate, which is on the balance, organization and execution cabinet, electrical, plumbing work;

- organization of maintenance of real estate, engineering systems and equipment, business continuity, elimination of damage and defects, as well as their control service;

- monitoring compliance with fire safety rules in accordance with current legislation.

Regional utility company uses the property assigned to it for operational management.

Regional utility company has business activities within the meaning of, Statute.

To carry out economic activities involving regional utility company and uses logistical, financial, labor and other resources, use of which is prohibited by law.

Regional utility company has its own balance, accounts in the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, the banks, including foreign currency, round seal with its name, press, and forms with their own details.

State, Founder and authorized the administration authority responsible for the obligations of the regional utility company, a regional utility company is not liable for obligations of the state, Founder and authorized management body.

Regional utility company may enter into agreement, acquire property and moral rights, obligations, be a person, which is involved in the case, pending in the courts of Ukraine, and international arbitration courts.

Rights and obligations

Regional utility company may:

  1. Apply in order, the legislation, to central and local authorities, local authorities, as well as enterprises and organizations irrespective of ownership and subordination, for information and materials, necessary for the performance of regional municipal enterprise objectives and statutory obligations.
  2. Convene and conduct technical meetings on, relevant to the regional utility company.
  3. Form in the prescribed manner to mobilize funds and resources for industrial applications.
  4. To enter into commercial agreements with companies, institutions, organizations regardless of ownership and subordination, and individuals, according to law.
  5. To cooperate with foreign organizations in accordance with the law.
  6. To carry out its own construction, reconstruction, capital and current repairs of fixed assets in certain legislation and with the consent of the Founder.
  7. Involve enterprises, institutions and organizations to implement their rules specified in legislation.
  8. Get credit banks, irrevocable get help businesses and individuals.
  9. Advertise their activities through media and other means.
  10. Perform other rights, that does not contradict the current legislation.

Regional utility company must:

  1. Comply with applicable regulations, resolutions, orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Regional Council decision.
  2. In determining the strategy of economic activities take into account public contracts and public procurement, and other contractual obligations.
  3. Report annually on its activities Founder and authorized management body.
  4. Provide staffing, to work to ensure highly skilled workers, organization of training, training and vocational training of workers.
  5. Provide timely payment of taxes and other deductions under current legislation.
  6. To ensure proper conditions for effective work, comply with the requirements of labor legislation, Rules and regulations of labor, safety, social security, etc..
  7. Take measures to improve mechanisms for remuneration to reinforce the material interest of workers as a result of personal work, and on the overall results of the company.
  8. To ensure economical and rational use of fund consumption and timely payments to employees of the enterprise.
  9. Implement standards and requirements for environmental protection, sustainable use and restoration of natural resources and environmental safety.
  10. Provide accounting and tax accounting, prepare and submit financial and statistical reporting under current law.
  11. Conduct an inventory of property belonging to him, resources and financial commitments to ensure the reliability of accounting data, financial reporting and statistical information in accordance with applicable law.

The decision to form CP
Extract from the register of taxpayers
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