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Report on head 2017 year


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utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council

Operating assets

in 2017 year

PUD Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets established by decision of the Regional Council 03.02.2014. №1188-27/2014 “On the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets” and operates under the Charter.

Director of the municipal enterprise Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council Operating property is Kostyshyn Vitaly I..

To support and operation of the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets, to ensure proper maintenance of the property, office buildings, buildings and surrounding areas, other institutions and organizations, sustainable use and conservation of fixed assets provided the decision of the Regional Council 09.12.2016. №346-11/2016 “On the regional target program of support of the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council on operating assets 2017-2019 years”.

According to the Regional Council decisions on the balance of the CP operating assets taken on balance 26 objects of joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, villages, cities of the region (12 of which are architectural monuments).

Utility Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets, balansoderzhatelem as real estate joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, settlements, cities area, in 2017 year, according to the approved work plan on 2017 given year and unscheduled tasks, done:

in a house on ul.Grushevskogo, 21:

  • Reconstruction of the hall (room 500) of the regional council was carried out:

– sound system installed (sound system of controlled wired and wireless audiovisualized conference call);

– installed automatic ventilation system, air conditioning and recovery;

– a set of new furniture was made;

– modernized ceiling and lighting;

  • re-equipped living quarters for journalists on the 5th floor;
  • to lobby at the session hall acquired the background stand, curly tribune and banner holders;
  • renovated flat roof covering over OTB "Galicia" area 350 sq.m.;
  • current repairs were carried out in 17 offices (including. 8 Regional Council offices, except where repairs, replaced lamps with incandescent lamps with LED lamps), and in the corridors 3, 5, 6 floors and in the courtroom on 7 floors;
  • a ventilation system for office equipment was installed in the archives of the regional council on the 5th floor;
  • set to air in the courtroom on 7 floor and offices №№ 501, 511;
  • the work of the freight and passenger elevator was resumed;
  • the heating risers of the left wing of the building were repaired (the construction department is located, Housing, urban planning and architecture);
  • localization of the breakthrough of the water supply pipe at the entrance to the house and in the premises "0" of the plinth;
  • the water supply ceiling on the riser (6th floor) was installed in case of an accident;
  • at the guard post №3 a workplace for a security guard was arranged and the panoramic glass in the vestibule was replaced;
  • the project of the system of the automatic fire alarm system and the fire notification is made;
  • conducted technical inspection set fire hidrantnoho, fire valve maintenance (repair), start by testing of water, refinishing of fire hoses;
  • a new flagpole construction was made and installed on the roof of the house;
  • repairs and fastening of the granite covering of the house and parapets were carried out;
  • developed construction documents Installation Fire Alarm.

in a house on ul.Nezavisimosti, 46:

  • developed and produced technical documentation and conducted a tender procedure "Building solid boiler capacity 400 kW for an office building on the street. Independence, 46 ";
  • conducted:
  • repair of a tray of a dome part of a roof;
  • repair of fire water supply system;
  • maintenance of fire hydrant kits;
  • replacement of lamps of the concert hall lighting system with energy-saving ones;
  • partial replacement of old heating and water supply pipes in the "0" floor;

a house on the street. Vasyliianok, 62-but:

  • found 27 PVC windows, 5 metal and 2 metal-plastic doors;
  • overhaul of the rolled roof (550 sq.m.), over the fire exit of the assembly hall and canopy to avoid leaks into the premises and its destruction;
  • Optimized heating system on the stairs and in the lobby,
  • purchased a valve and installed a voltage stabilizer for gas roof boiler boilers;
  • made repairs in the room, offered for lease;

a house on the street. Harkusha, 9:

  • made repairs and restoration of the façade of cultural heritage sites, destroyed structures were restored;
  • replacement of internal power supply networks and regulation of voltage relays;

a house on the street. Galician, 45:

  • current repairs of external yard balconies were carried out;

on the street. Maksimovic, 10b

  • Power supply restored in areas, installed shield and circuit breakers;

a house on the street. Independence, 5

  • water meters have been installed and agreements have been concluded with Ivano-Frankivskvodoekotekhprom;
  • a code lock has been installed to regulate the access of visitors;

in a building on Market Square, 8

  • performed maintenance roof covering area 120,0 sq.m.;

a house on the street. riflemen, 25

  • renovated premises 1, 2, 3 and corridor floors 1 floor;
  • the front door was repaired;
  • the implementation of project works on the reconstruction of the indoor sewerage system has begun;

a house on the street. Shashkevych, 2

  • made repairs in the building of the 2nd floor, offered for lease;

a house on the street. Shashkevych, 6

  • external insulation of the water supply pipe was carried out;
  • installed meters of water and light, signed an agreement for the provision of KP "Ivano-Frankivskvodoecotechprom" and JSC "Prykarpattyaoblenergo".

a house on the street. Sheptitskiy, 3

  • performed installation of heating boilers and installation of sanitary equipment, in accordance with technical requirements;
  • testing of the tightness of the heating system was carried out;

on vul.Yunosti, 43

  • partial repair of the roof was carried out;
  • restored the damaged fence area.

IN 2017 General works were conducted on targets, namely:

Tender documentation prepared and tender and negotiation procedures for energy procurement conducted.

Renovation of premises (offices, corridors) at 21 Hrushevskoho Street and buildings on the street. Independence, 46, historic Sichovykh Striltsiv St., 25 and on the street. Vasyliianok, 62but, (repaired walls and ceilings with a total area of ​​more 2000 sq.m., restored (sanded and varnished) parquet flooring with a total area 300 sq.m.)

An assessment of the administrative - production building on the street. Botanical, 28a (for acceptance on the balance).

Accepted on the balance of objects on the street. Rebeta, 10, Sq. Mickiewicz, 4 and street. Botanical, 28but, signed an agreement on joint use of facilities and local area with the tenants of these objects.

A new technical passport for a house on Mickiewicz Square has been prepared, 4.

According to the "Rules of fire protection", to prevent fires, superficial fire-retardant impregnation of wooden attic structures with flame retardant at 5 sites (Mazepa Street), 14, vul.Harkushi, 9, Halytska St., 45, vul.Starozamkova, 2, Nezalezhnosti street, 5).

Agreements have been concluded for the maintenance of gas roof boilers on the street. Hrushevskoho, 21 and on the street. Vasyliianok, 62but, as well as fuel on the street. Shashkevych, 2.

Constantly held:

  • maintenance of engineering networks (plumbing, electrical equipment, water supply and sewerage systems);
  • maintenance of the electronic voting system "VICHE";
  • maintenance alert system, PBX and telephone systems;
  • maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire water supply;
  • providing services in health facilities, which are on the balance of the utility company and compliance with the access regime;
  • maintaining the sanitary and hygienic condition of premises and offices;
  • cleaning of adjacent territories and maintaining them in proper condition;
  • of technical support in meeting rooms during meetings, sessions and other events;
  • periodic training in the workplace, enterprise software areas kits, personal protective equipment;
  • training of regulatory legal acts, Law of Ukraine "On labor protection" (to prevent injuries and uninterrupted operation of the enterprise);
  • control of energy costs (gas use, electricity, water and heat carrier) and implementation of measures to save funds and resources;
  • submission of all forms of reporting.

According to the Regional Council 09.12.2016. №346-11/2016 “On the regional target program of support of the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council on operating assets 2017-2019 years”, use of public funds for 2017 year are presented in Table 1.

Table 1

Using funds from the 2017 year (thousand. UAH)

Charges under the Plan of budget Planned

on 2017 year


in 2017 year

Current expenditures, including: 10274,5 10273,6
Salaries and charges 8209,6 8209,6
materials, equipment, inventory 500,4 499,5
payment for services (except utilities) 1163,6 1163,6
utilities 400,9 400,9
Capital expenditures (overhaul, purchase of equipment) 4366,0 1572,2

Receipt of funds in 2017 year lease are presented in Table 2.

Table 2

Proceeds in 2017 year for rent (thousand. UAH)

Proceeds from short-term lease 77,6
Listed funds of the regional budget 45,3
Income compensation maintenance costs for short-term rent 151,8
Income share the rent balansoderzhatelya 1082,1
Total funds received 1266,2

Rental income is aimed at strengthening the material and technical base of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional utility company for the operation of property.


utility company

Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council

on property operation Vitaliy Kostyshyn

To perform the work and ensure the functioning of the units of the CP for the operation of property purchased:

    • hydraulic trolley for cargo transportation;
    • electroperforated;
    • welding inverter;
    • concrete mixer on 250 l. ;
    • Stil chainsaw;
    • Airon lawn mower;
    • vise;
    • Kercher vacuum cleaners (5 pcs.);
    • vacuum cleaner washing;
    • Kercher sink;
    • angle grinder;
    • hoist;
    • 3-phase generator;
    • information and computer support;
    • Computer Engineering, BFP, printers;
    • washing machine;
    • scaffolding (certified) – excess tour on wheels;
    • electric saw;
    • acetylene generator (ASP-15);
    • water heater (50 liters);
    • heating radiators;
    • compressor;
    • disk file.

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