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The report by the Head 2018r.


on financial and economic work

utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council

Operating assets

in 2018 year

PUD Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets established by decision of the Regional Council 03.02.2014. №1188-27/2014 “On the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets” and operates under the Charter.

Director of the municipal enterprise Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council Operating property is Kostyshyn Vitaly I..

To support and operation of the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets, to ensure proper maintenance of the property, office buildings, buildings and surrounding areas, other institutions and organizations, sustainable use and conservation of fixed assets provided the decision of the Regional Council 09.12.2016. №346-11/2016 “On the regional target program of support of the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council on operating assets 2017-2019 years”.

According to the Regional Council decisions on the balance of the CP operating assets taken on balance 26 objects of joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, villages, cities of the region (12 of which are architectural monuments).

Utility Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council operating assets, balansoderzhatelem as real estate joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, settlements, cities area, in 2018 year, according to the approved work plan on 2018 given year and unscheduled tasks, done:

Administrative building at 21 Hrushevskoho Street

– to modernize, according to the developed design project, estimates and tender procedures, performed maintenance corridor and hall 5th floor area 500 m. refurbishment of lighting, repair of parquet flooring and replacement of carpet flooring; Reconstruction of the meeting hall completed (room 500), the installation of the fire alarm system was partially carried out;

– to improve the working conditions of media, made reconstruction hall session hall on the fourth floor and installing video screen, press center equipment;

– to create comfortable conditions set conditioning session hall on 4 floor according to technical calculations and repaired air conditioners, which are indoors;

– to maintain administrative building in good condition, repaired in 27 offices with simultaneous repair of parquet flooring total area 580 sq.m., including. repair work done in the offices of Regional Council area 250 m. with re-equipment of electric networks and replacement of accessories and fixtures,;

– in order to prevent leakage of rain and melt water into the premises of elevator and technical floors, overhaul of PVC roofing with a membrane with an approximate area 2800 sq.m.;

– to eliminate leaks of worn pipes, replacement was carried out approx 300 Stamp. water supply pipes "0" floor on plastic (according to the estimate documentation and the act of performed works);

– examination of 3 elevators and inspection of 2 elevators was carried out to keep the elevators in good working order;

– agreements with licensed organizations for maintenance of elevators, boiler houses and metrological verification of measuring instruments;

– calibration of contour groundings of the building and elevators was carried out in accordance with the requirements of PBEES;

– to improve the operation of the heating system in the gas boiler room and on the technical floor, ventilators (11 pcs.) were installed;

– for quality lighting and energy savings, replaced lamps and LED lights on in the hallways and classrooms 5 district (regional council), as well as in the lobby hall meetings 4 pov .;

– two electric locks are installed on the corridor door 5 fl. to regulate access;

– computer equipment was purchased to improve the working conditions of the employees of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council for the Exploitation of Property;

– updated furniture in employment offices Regional Council, Window blinds installed in kab.501, replacement of windows in metal structures in kab.№ 625,513;

– to organize traffic on arrival in local area, six limiters are installed;

– fastening of facing plates on the house and parapets is carried out;

– to improve the overflow mode, organized temporary storage of hand luggage of visitors at posts;

– at the 3rd post at the entrance, the wooden structure was replaced with a metal-plastic one;

– the repair of the staircase from the 3rd post was started;

– 22 in-service training courses for firefighters were conducted – 9 people., boiler operators 8 people., lifters -4 people. and on elektrobezpetsi - 11 people);

– to the Christmas and New Year holidays illumination installed on the facade of the building.

Administrative building at 62a Vasilianok Street

– repaired seats in the auditorium, repair and glazing of window frames;

– made repairs corridor emergency exit, restoration of doors and installation of a roof over an exit;

– repairs made room on the second floor. in order to lease it;

– for the purpose of rational and economical use of gas, the audit of the heating system was carried out;

– to prevent damage to boilers during peak power pulses, two voltage stabilizers are installed;

– the leaks of the roof covering were eliminated and the external ebbs were repaired;

– for safety rating, on the stairs and handrail installed track.

Administrative building at 9 Garkushi Street

  • for convenient access to the premises to visitors with disabilities, ramp installed;
  • repaired water drainage system.

Administrative building on Mickiewicz Square, 4

  • produced technical passport at home, started work on the preparation of documents for the land plot;
  • the tender procedure for the repair of the premises on the 1st floor was conducted;
  • prymishen completed renovation of the first floor, corridor, staircase and bathroom;
  • completely replaced the power supply system in the premises of the first floor with the possibility of establishing a separate metering of electricity consumed by tenants and re-equipped the second floor with the installation of metering devices;
  • in order to improve the heat transfer of heating radiators, their washing was carried out with the installation of ventilators and taps;
  • partial replacement and repair of rain gutters in the attic;
  • to preserve architectural monuments, restored and installed authentic front doors;
  • renovated and paned window frames on the first floor, two metal-plastic windows were installed on the second floor;
  • and released attic ladder from household waste, accumulated prior balansoderzhatelem.


Administrative building at 46 Nezalezhnosti Street

– in order to save budget, teploresursiv, Solid built boiler capacity 400 kW;

– obtained an environmental permit for emissions from the boiler room;

– the house was disconnected from the central heating system ("visible gap");

– to eliminate breaks in old pipes, replaced 200 Stamp. heating pipes in the basement on metal-plastic (according to the estimate documentation);

– to improve the performance of the heating system, built-in ventilators;

– to improve working conditions for firemen boiler, insulation made floor, floodlights equipped and connected to the network to illuminate the boiler room area;

– repaired seats in the auditorium, parquet in the lobby and library;

– the walls in the lobby on the ground floor were repaired;

– made a new technical passport at home.

Administrative building at 5 Nezalezhnosti Street

  • to prevent the penetration of unauthorized persons to the upper landing, the lattice on stairs is established;
  • made warming side door.

Administrative building at 25 Sichovykh Striltsiv Street

  • two balconies were repaired;
  • to eliminate leaks on the wall of rain and meltwater, drain pipe replaced;
  • for the purpose of arranging sewage system in the house, the project on reconstruction of the sewerage of the basement is made;
  • renovated living room on the second floor, part of the corridor on the third floor and a bathroom on the ground floor.

Administrative building at 2 Shashkevycha Street

  • for the rational use of property, made a project for the conversion of the attic into administrative premises (agreed);
  • the project of modernization of the heating system of the house is made;
  • works on current repair of heating system with installation of two additional pumps are carried out;
  • replaced part of the suspended ceiling in the study on the 3rd floor;
  • repaired gutters.

Administrative building at 6 Shashkevycha Street

  • electricity supply on the 3rd floor is arranged;
  • santehobladnannya replaced on the 3rd floor.

Administrative building at 3 Sheptytskoho Street

  • installation and registration of water meter;
  • door repairs done.

Public building at 43 Yunosti Street

  • to illuminate the territory of the garages, the power supply system was repaired;
  • cleaned fire pond from dirt and silt;
  • to improve working conditions, Indoor floor arranged Protection.

Public house on the street. Maksimovic, 10

  • the act on the land plot is made;
  • held lighting tarytoriyi.

General works

  • maintenance and operation of real estate, which is on balance keeping, in tr. of fire prevention, namely: impregnation of wooden structures of roofs of houses on Rynok Street, 8, Mickiewicz, 4, Sheptytskoho, 3 and maintenance and recharging of fire extinguishers at the facilities;
  • maintenance of boiler-houses and calibration of measuring instruments was carried out;
  • conducted monitoring of and use of immovable property for the purpose, that is leased;
  • made procurement planning, tender procedures, purchase of materials and equipment;
  • the site of KP on property operation was created;
  • organized constant of sanitary hyhiyenichnyh works on individual objects, providing services in health facilities, on the balance of the CP operating assets, as well as preparation and implementation of planned activities;
  • submission of all forms of reporting.


According to the Regional Council 09.12.2016. №346-11/2016 “On the regional target program of support of the utility company, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council on operating assets 2017-2019 years”, use of public funds for 2018 year are presented in Table 1.


Table 1


Using funds from the 2018 year (thousand. UAH)

Charges under the Plan of budget Planned

on 2018 year


in 2018 year

Current expenditures, including: 13819,8 13819,8
Salaries and charges 10897,9 10897,9
materials, equipment, inventory 1077,8 1077,8
payment for services (except utilities) 1342,4 1342,4
utilities 501,7 501,7
Capital expenditures (overhaul, purchase of equipment) 4293,8 4293,8


Receipt of funds in 2018 year lease are presented in Table 2.


Table 2

Proceeds in 2018 year for rent (thousand. UAH)

Proceeds from short-term lease 55,5
Listed funds of the regional budget 21,5
Income compensation maintenance costs for short-term rent 153,8
Income share the rent balansoderzhatelya 1623,0
Total funds received 1853,8


Rental income is aimed at strengthening the material and technical base of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional utility company for the operation of property, of current and capital repairs.



utility company

Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council

on property operation Vitaliy Kostyshyn

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